Random photography

Paris photography

I recently went to Paris and took some pictures.


This is a mother’s day card I designed and made for my mom, on mother’s day last year. I’m sorry for the bad quality and bad cut-out but I only had the original card left, so I had to photograph it.

This is also the reason I had to blur the text as it was the original text I put on it.

School project 2008

For a school project in 2008 I had to make up my own clothing brand and make the brochures, folders, logo and everything else.

Here I have the front and the back of my folder, and some clothing tags to attatch to your clothes.

The brandname I came up with was “Amishion”. This was because I was inspired by the clothing worn by the amish community, and I wanted to turn in into fashion. The only logic explanation to me was to name my brand “Amishion” to combine the names like I combined the clothing.

The bearded man is something I came up with so people could easily recognize my brand, instead of always using the word-logo.


Clothing visuals - made with Adobe Illustrator.

Technical drawings

For my internship at NTS (Not The Same - www.notthesame.com) I have designed some things for their shop. 

These are the technical drawings I made, to send to the factories.

Photography Australia


As you can see in my CV I work for a company called “Major tom”.

Major tom is a company that does catering-related jobs on festivals and parties. To sell Icereams for example, you need a big cart to keep your icecreams cold. The company that makes these carts works together with Major tom. This company is called “Moonwalker”. (http://www.moonwalker.eu/NL/)

For this company (Moonwalker) I made some pictures they could use for a slideshow to show clients what they do.

So all they had to do is put the text in the pictures I made, and that’s it!

These are just a couple of examples of the pictures I made.

Graduation Project.

For my graduation project I had to make an E-shop from scratch. So you had to think of a concept, make all the sketches, make the designs and make a (working) website. (I’m not too good at making websites so i just made “screenshots” in photoshop, which was also allowed)

You also had to make flyers, posters, a brochure and some actual items (like clothing, accessories, or whatever you had in mind that fitted your ‘brands’ profile)

You were not allowed to use anything from the internet, so everything had to be made by yourself, including the logo, pictures and everything else.

You got one thing before you started, the brand-name; DARE. From here it was all up to you.

Here you can see some of the things I made for my grafuation project.




T-shirt print. (the black is only behind it to make it more visible against the white background)

T-shirt print.

Impression of the website. The reason the “peace” t-shirt print is mirrored is because that’s the way you have to iron it on to your clothing.


Sometimes I have an idea for a picture, and no models around. Then i usualy make a self-portait. Here are some examples of self portaits I made.